Kamis, 22 Mei 2008


Blogger is one of the most favourite side jobs in the world. Thats because, to be a blogger is very easy. And the most important, to be a blogger is free!! . Ussually, blogger get pay from pay per click affiliate or advertising *like Google Adsense* who put in their blog. Here is a little tutorial

The easiest blogging platform is blogger.com . To create a blog at blogger.com, you just need an e-mail address. Register in blogger.com . After that, fill the required form. After you have blog, write some article on you new blog.

Now your blog is ready. Now you can register on google adsense. Google adsense is the most popular affiliate program. Register on google adsense is hard and need a few day. After !!you accepted by google adsense, you can start earning money from your blog. Happy Blogging

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